What Noah Eats

Most common question: “So what do you eat?

A modified Paleo diet.

(I like that answer because I think it makes how we eat sound all cool and sophisticated and fun, rather than stressed out and complicated.)

Next question: “What is Paleo?”

Meat, fruits, vegetables, and chocolate.

(Chocolate makes it sound fun, right?)

Here is the list of what Noah currently can and cannot eat. He is under the care of a qualified naturopathic doctor. Each dietary decision has been made carefully after tracking his reactions and undergoing lab tests. All major decisions are also run by his regular pediatrician. This is simply a list of what he can and cannot eat; it does not include explanations.

Grains: Noah is on a strict gluten-free diet. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, and rye. Ideally, he needs to be totally grain free. Grains also include corn, oats, rice, quinoa, and popcorn. We are currently working towards that.

Fruits: No papaya. Apples must be cooked, no raw or dried. All other fruit is okay.

Vegetables: No corn or potatoes, which actually are not nutritionally considered vegetables. All other vegetables are okay.

Dairy: Minimal cow dairy products. Noah does not eat or drink any cow milk, ice cream, or yogurt. He does eat a limited amount of cheese and butter.

Eggs: No eggs.

Nuts: While Noah is not allergic to any nuts, his brother is allergic to peanuts. Consequently, we avoid peanuts at home.

And now you know why on the Vacation Bible School form, I started listing his allergies, then crossed it all off, and just wrote, “Please do not feed him anything!”


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