July 12 Menu

Hot cereal

Ham roll-ups (Ham + lettuce + thin strip of cheese + dijon mustard all wrapped up together and sealed with a toothpick)
Carrots & hummus
Red grapes

Sauteed chicken breasts
Sweet potato fries
Roasted broccoli and bacon (Anna: “This is the best broccoli I have ever had!”)

Veggie chips

Sweet potato fries: Peel sweet potatoes. Cut them into fry-like pieces. Coat them with oil and spices. My choice today was grapeseed oil, turmeric (amazing anti-inflammatory properties!), sea salt, and pepper. Toss them on a cookie sheet and bake until they are almost burning, about 22 minutes. As for the temperature, I just put them at whatever temp the other food needs. I think ideal is 375.

Do not expect them to taste like regular fries. They don’t. I should have never called them fries, because the kids were totally disappointed. Noah cannot eat potatoes, so I was trying to find a substitute. (I learned my lesson. The first time I made chia seed pudding, I called it chocolate “stuff.” It created no false expectations and worked out much better.) I think I have tried almost every sweet potato recipe out there to try to get my kids eating them. So far, Anna and I are the only ones that like them. I am determined to get Noah eating them since he needs carbs to help him feel full. So far, he’ll only take a bite. He almost always starts to like a food once I’ve made him try it 10-20 times. I’m thinking we’re close to 20 with sweet potatoes…


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