July 28 Weekly Menu

Sorry I disappeared for a little while! We went on vacation for a week. Then I suffered with horrible allergies last week. I am finally feeling a bit more like myself.  So back to food…

Here is what we will be eating for the rest of the week.  Of course, I add or subtract things depending on what works each day.

Breakfast – all served with smoothies
Bacon x2
Leftover baked ham
Celery with nut butter (rice cakes for the rest of us)
Hot cereal (soaked oatmeal for Ethan) x2

Lunch – all served with fruit and raw vegetables
Turkey soup
Ham roll-ups
Celery with nut butter
Taco salads
Fajitas over Cauli-rice
Leftover chicken thighs

Supper – all served with apple or pear sauce (probiotic and supplements mixed in)
Baked ham, Sweet potato fries, Green beans with bacon
Smoked paprika chicken thighs, stir-fried veggies
Turkey and gravy, Roasted carrots, Cauli garlic mashed potatoes
Leftover turkey, Green beans
Beef and broccoli over Cauli-rice
Pizza! (I will update when I decide what crust to try this week)

Fudge Babies
Chocolate Mousse (blend frozen bananas + avocados + cocoa)
Chia seed pudding (coconut milk + chia seeds + flavoring)
Watermelon slushes (blend watermelon + ice + lime juice + mint leaf)
Chocolate banana bites  (frozen banana slices dipped in melted chocolate)
Fruit leather


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