Noah rarely has cookies. He gets the occasional grain-free muffin or cupcake, but I’ve never been big on attempting cookies. I was feeling guilty, so I made Ginger Cookies this past week. (I substituted cinnamon for the fennel and pepper in the recipe. I was pretty sure fennel and pepper would not count as cookie flavors in Noah’s eyes.)


(pictured with chocolate chip cookie)

Then yesterday Anna was lamenting the loss of all her favorite foods. She was rather dramatic about it, considering she’s not the one with the allergies. “We never eat ANYTHING good anymore! I can never bake ANYTHING!” – all in true 6 year old girl fashion. I suggested she look through our Paleo cookbooks and pick something. “No, that’s never going to work! Everything has eggs!”


Find something with 1 or 2 eggs, and we will make it work. She chose a classic: Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I winced at the 3 cups of almond flour (grocery budget, grocery budget), but said okay. Usually I insist on halving the recipe, but she wanted to do it by herself. Me writing in all the new measurements somehow takes away from her independent baking fun.

So I quietly mixed ground flaxseed with hot water (egg substitue), set it on the table, and let her do the rest. Thankfully, she let Noah be her assistant.


In other words, I’m not 100% sure they followed the recipe exactly.

The cookies turned out better than I remembered. They were flat, but I attribute that to the egg replacement.

The kids ate some for snack time. I packed the extras in the freezer. They keep great and taste wonderful frozen!

Most importantly, Anna felt like all was right in the world again.


The linked recipe is the same one as in the cookbook Make It Paleo, one of my favorites.


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