Chocolate Covered Bacon

Going to the Wisconsin State Fair is a big deal for my husband. He’s gone just about every year of his life and plans to keep it that way.  Corn on the cob, fresh-squeezed lemonade, giant cream puffs, Kohl’s dairy milk stand – the food traditions are half the fun!

Noah loves the fair, but fair food does not love him. This year I decided we would find some new fair food.  I talked to the kids about it and mentioned how the fair has other great food we can try instead of our usuals. We could try chocolate covered bacon! Or frozen chocolate bananas! Just because we can’t have the usual fair food doesn’t mean we can’t have any fair food!

Or does it?

The Wisconsin State Fair puts out a list of gluten-free foods. This is only moderately helpful to us, since most of the foods on the list contain dairy or corn or potatoes or . . . you get the idea. It also lists things like “Maple Syrup” and “Honey”, which clearly are not items I can buy for Noah to eat right there. Anyways, I should have looked at the list before I opened my mouth about bacon and bananas. While I was happy to see bananas on the list, chocolate covered bacon was mysteriously absent.

Oh no.

Nothing like building up your child’s food dream of chocolate covered bacon only to have to tell him, for the billionth time in his life, that he can’t have it.

So I decided to play it safe.

I announced to the kids that we can’t buy TOO much fair food, so we’ll make some at home! (That sounds good, right?)

We made chocolate covered bacon for breakfast.


Pretty straightforward: Put bacon on skewer, bake in the oven, coat it with chocolate, and eat! I melted the chocolate chips with a scoop of coconut oil, which worked wonderfully. I did give the kids green smoothies to drink while we waited for the chocolate to harden.


We only coated one side of the bacon with the chocolate. It was breakfast, after all. The kids added almonds, coconut, or sea salt on top.


Delicious and crisis averted!

Until the next crisis arises. Also known as this kiddo and the potential that the chocolate covered bananas will be coated with peanuts…



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