Ethan’s Chocolate Chip Birthday Cookie

Ethan turned 2 1/2. We celebrate half birthdays with cake and a little gift. Cake is next to impossible for us. I challenge you to find a cake recipe with no eggs or grains! 🙂


So we’ve turned to the big chocolate chip cookie cake. I tried Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake from Real Sustenance last month for Noah’s birthday. It worked, but he ended up with a stomach ache. I think maybe from the sugar? It was easy and tasted great, so I would definitely recommend it if you’re not as sensitive as Noah!

This time I went with Paleo Porn’s Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. (No worries, there’s no porn on the site. It just features great food photography .) This recipe had no grains or eggs, and also used honey and maple syrup as sweeteners. It worked perfectly! I put all the dough on parchment paper on a pizza pan to make one big cookie. It baked up beautifully, tasted wonderful, didn’t fall apart, didn’t make anyone sick. It was a winner.

I made the frosting out of grain-free powdered sugar, butter, and coconut milk. I buy the powdered sugar and canned coconut milk at Trader Joe’s. We don’t use much butter, so I generally buy Kerrygold from Woodmans. Kerrygold is an Irish butter made with milk from grass-fed cows. It is definitely more expensive, but I feel comfortable feeding it to Noah. I also have no reaction to it. Usually I cannot handle conventional dairy products.

Ethan requested a snowman on his cake. So we frosted it, and added snowflakes and chocolate chips.


The kids loved this cookie cake. I’m really not sure what it was, but they were obsessed with it. They went on and on about how each of them wants the same thing on their birthday. It made enough for us each to have a small piece on Ethan’s birthday and then again the next day. Happy birthday, little boy!


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