Andy Goes Gluten-Free: The First 10 Days

I have spent 4 years thinking about Andy going gluten-free. I pictured him moaning every day about how this is awful and he just wants a frozen pizza. Complaining that gluten-free items are gross. Ranting that he doesn’t feel any different. Acting like this is all my fault. Me stressing out trying to appease him.

I didn’t give him nearly enough credit.

He’s not complaining.

At all.

About anything.

Except a 2 day bout with seasonal allergies, but that’s understandable.

I am only moderately stressed about making sure gluten-free food is always available. (I am a recovering Type A perfectionist, so moderately stressed is pretty good for me.)

To answer the major questions:

1. Has he cheated?

No, he has stayed 100% gluten-free.

2. How does he feel?

In the words of Andy, “I have more focus. I have more energy. I don’t have that ‘not feeling good’ feeling anymore. My stomach just feels lighter.” That’s putting it lightly. The difference in him is remarkable. I really did not expect it. I know gluten makes me feel sluggish, but I see an even more extreme change in Andy.

3. Doesn’t he miss the old food?

“Gluten-free pizza tastes almost equal to me. Bread and pretzels are slightly missed. There really are no cravings whatsoever.” This shocks me. Andy lived on wheat. In our gluten-free kitchen, he had his own designated cupboard filled with boxes and bags of wheat products. He randomly said goodbye to it 10 days ago and doesn’t miss it? Seriously?! It is baffling. You would probably have to live with him to believe it. Quite honestly, it’s been 10 days and I still cannot fathom the change that has happened.

4. What is he eating?

I think I could write a post on each item. He is not eating anything strange. Our dinners tend to be gluten-free, so it was mostly changing his breakfast, lunch, and snacks. I will start with the basis for Andy’s previous life: pretzels.

Gluten-Free Sticks

Gluten-Free Pretzels: Snyders taste the best and are the cheapest. If you look for them at Pick N Save, they are usually in the chip aisle, not by the gluten-free items. (Side note: I would like to work as a consultant for Pick N Save. They need some serious help with their gluten-free item placement. )

My goal price for pretzels used to be $1.00/16 oz. Andy ate 6 pounds of pretzels in one month, so $6 for a month’s supply of pretzels. Snyders gluten-free pretzels are $2.59/8 oz. If he were to eat 6 pounds of them, it would cost over $30. Not going to happen.

Enter the great tortilla chip. Tortilla chips are inherently gluten-free since they are made out of corn. I can pick up a 32 oz bag of GMO-free chips at Trader Joe’s for $2.99. I suggested to Andy that he switch to tortilla chips and only have pretzels every once in awhile. He said sure.

Really, the simple fact that he said sure is unbelievable. If you had mentioned him giving up pretzels a year ago, I would have said that asking Andy to give up pretzels is like asking him to give up the Packers. Never. Going. To. Happen.

Well, it did. I don’t like to say I was wrong about things, but I will gladly say that I was wrong about this.

But don’t count on him giving up the Packers any time soon.


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