Kale Chips


That is Andy eating kale chips.

It is worth repeating: That is Andy snacking on a green vegetable.

He asked me three times today to make these.

Now he just said, “Oh man, I need to stop or I’m going to end up eating all of these.”

I really have no words.

He is still eating gluten-free. He has not cheated at all, but this past week has not gone quite as smoothly for him. I think there was the initial “honeymoon” stage where he felt great and so incredibly different from before. Then it plateaued. He had a couple days where he felt “blah” again, which was frustrating for him.

However, he has not quit. There’s been no Pizza Hut. There have been no Roundy’s pretzels. He attended two parties without eating cake.

Today he reminded me to get kale at the farmer’s market so I could make kale chips.

I have been doing this gluten-free, crazy food life for long enough that I sometimes forget how hard it is at first – the discipline, self-control, and courage that it requires.  While yes, the gluten-free eating is impressive, I think what impresses me most is the inner strength it requires for an adult to make a major change. The reality is that it is not simply a diet change – it requires a life style change, a mental change. Once you go gluten-free, there is a switch that goes off in your head that can never fully be flipped back.  I am sorry, Andy, but you will never look at Pizza Hut or Roundys pretzels in quite the same way.

Or maybe you will. Men are more simplistic like that.

But I’m betting you won’t.

As I secretly took this photo of you, I thought of how you never cease to amaze me. You eating kale chips? You’re my new hero, because I have a confession to make: I don’t even like kale chips.


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