What We are Eating


I often feel like men get too much credit for grilling. Standing at the grill and turning meat really does not equal making a meal. Tonight Andy grilled chicken for us. It turned out amazing! So he can take all the credit he wants for this meal.

Here’s what we ate today:

Gluten-free chocolate chip muffins (I have been playing with this recipe for a few weeks. It’s a great base recipe, but the muffins keep coming out slightly chewy. I’ve halved the applesauce and compensated with coconut oil, along with decreasing the xanthan gum. Next time I may cut out the xanthan altogether and see what happens. Andy loves chocolate chip muffins, so I’m trying to find a good one for him.)
Banana chocolate chip muffins (grain-free for Noah)

Beef and Broccoli
Grapes and watermelon

Cumin Spiced Chicken (this recipe gives the basic idea, but we skewered the chicken and added peppers)
Roasted sweet potatoes
Kale chips

Super Easy Gluten-Free Brownies (made tonight to pack in Andy’s lunches this week)



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