My Girl

A friend once described Anna as demure. I think that fits her school personality pretty well. So when she came out of school super excited, telling me she had been brave, I made sure to listen up.
Her teacher had asked the class what job they wanted to have when they grow up. Anna raised her hand and answered, “Work at a restaurant.”
Her teacher asked if she wanted to own a restaurant or work at one like a cook or waitress.
(“Mom, I knew that I wanted to do both, and I really wanted to tell about my big idea. But I thought I should probably just pick one and say own or cook. Then I thought I might never have another chance to tell people about it, so I took a deep breath and got brave and told the whole thing!”)
“My family eats gluten-free, so I want to own my own gluten-free bakery.”
(Yes, that is the “whole thing” – for her to give details about it was huge.)
The next day the teacher gave them a chance to write and draw about their future job.



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