Parsnip Fail

We made parsnip fries.

NEVER AGAIN. Ugh, they were awful. Up until this point celery has been the only food that I absolutely, positively cannot handle tasting. Now my short list includes parsnips.

Of course, it was after an idyllic prep time where the kids were helping and totally into it…so I can’t resist putting up the pictures. I think I am trying to prove to myself that dinner prep does not always have to be the craziest time of the day.



“Hmmm, parsnips look like white carrots.”

/IMG_0648 IMG_0652 IMG_0653 IMG_0656

(“Uppie!!!!!” Translation: Pick me up now!!!!!!)IMG_0659

Oddly enough, the boys liked eating them raw.IMG_0660

In case you ever wondered what the inside of a parnship looks like. You’re supposed to cut out the core. I thought I did a decent job at it, but maybe that was what was tasting awful?IMG_0662

He spent about 10 minutes mixing parsnips with a butter knife.

As much fun as they had, I am 99.9% sure I will not buy parsnips again.


3 thoughts on “Parsnip Fail

  1. I obviously have no clue what your kids can eat, but have you tried Celery root? You can cut off the outside, cut into fries, and fry in oil (low and slow) low/med for about 45 minutes. They will get a little brown and they are a little softer but they taste the closest to real fries to me! If you find a great deal on them let me know! They aren’t the most affordable veggie/root!

    • I did try celery root a long time ago! I had forgotten about that! Oddly, Noah can’t eat celery, but he can eat celery root. Thanks for the idea. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it again.

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