Computers and Menu for February 23

We bought a computer! Our laptop literally broke in half a few months ago, which pretty much ended my blogging. I could have blogged using the iPad. I tried a couple times, but it was incredibly frustrating for me. In the end, I learned that my devotion to a real, actual keyboard apparently rivals my devotion to the 1984 NIV Bible. Unflappable.

We went about 5 months without a computer. It is oddly humbling to make trips to the library every time you need to format or print something. I think the humbling part is convincing your kids to sit quietly by the computer section while you work. And then having them act so obnoxiously that the librarian asks you to leave. It gave me a whole new respect for parents using library computers and made me realize how blessed we really are.

Anyways, here’s what we’re eating this week:

Breakfast Usually a combination of two of the following items:

  • Bacon
  • Breakfast sausage
  • Smoothies – Always made with coconut milk, a dash of juice, some greens, and whatever frozen fruit I have handy
  • Avocado pudding – A new favorite! Topped with coconut, nuts, seeds, or fruit
  • Pancakes – Chocolate pancakes for Andy, Pumpkin Plantain for the rest of us

Lunches All served with fresh fruit and veggies, which right now tends to be oranges, bananas, celery, and carrots. We miss summer!

Suppers All served with fruit like lunch

  • Pulled Pork and baked sweet potatoes
  • Buffalo Chicken wings, fries, and roasted carrots
  • Hamburgers, potatoes, stirfry veggies
  • Zesty chicken tenders, broccoli with bacon
  • Pasta – Brown rice pasta for all of us except Noah. He is currently on strike against veggie noodles, even when the rest of us eat them with him. So for now he eats leftovers. This isn’t an ideal situation since I don’t like the rest of us to eat food that he cannot eat or have a comparable version of. However, the food budget is a little out of control, and pasta is a cheap meal for the rest of us. That also explains the abundance of chicken on the menu this week.
  • Pizza – Grain-free and gluten-free crusts, goat cheese instead of regular mozzarella

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